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жильё,аренда , отели en Maine-et-Loire

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Hôtel ADAGIO Best Western

Millon 94, avenue du Général de Gaulle 49400 Saumur (Maine-et-Loire)
телефон : 02 41 67 45 30  - факс : 02 41 67 74 59
смотреть на сайте http://hoteladagio.com Saumur, bathed by the majestic and classified Loire world patrimony of UNESCO is a city charm where gets involved the slate and the tuffeau. Situated at the edge of the Loire between Angers and Tours, the Adagio hotel is an ideal stage to visit the castles of the Loire, taste of the region wines either sample a gastronomy deserving of Pantagruel.

Hotel of character, it was completely renewed contemporary style. Its clear walls and the purified design inhale peace and serenity.
The high ceiling will give you a big draft of sight and it is just like what rooms represent.

Easy of access to five hundred metres of the old Saumur or of he station, it is a pole turning for the tourism and the business

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