Remarkable houses where get involved luxury and refinement, in the inns of charm where the frame is authentic and warm, you will find the accommodation about which you dream for a perfect stay. That they are situated in city or more in countryside, hotels ally comfort, well-being and sense of the reception.
1 en Mayenne.
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фотография de Le Jardin des Arts
  • Низкий сезон 62€ к 90€
  • Средний сезон 62€ к 90€
  • Высокий сезон 62€ к 90€
  • Школьные каникулы 62€ к 90€

отели в Château-Gontier

Le Jardin des Arts

Raphaël Triquet 5 rue Abel Cahour 53200 Château-Gontier (Mayenne)
телефон : 02 43 70 12 12  - факс : 02 43 70 12 07
A new accommodation concept: the "guest house" with the welcome and atmosphere of a guest room, more comfort, facilities and services of a luxury hotel. It is a mansion by his musical background, his ...
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